Is a Mortgage Really as Simple as Rate-Term-Payment?

What mortgage can you afford

If we are really honest with ourselves, sometimes we make things more complicated than they really are or need to be. And sometimes, it feels like this is especially true when it comes to financial issues. Let’s take mortgage loans for example – isn’t it really just about the interest rate, term length and monthly payment? Well, yes, in fact those are the factors that will ultimately drive what you can buy and pay. But no, in terms of what you see on the surface things aren’t always that clear. Let’s explore it further.

We should start by saying, for 75% of the people reading this, a mortgage loan is probably as simple as rate, term and payment. This is most likely true for those with A+ credit, doing a simple refinancing, etc. However, for the remaining 25%, it can be much more complicated.

Down payment amounts, credit scores, income which might not be consistent, and current home equity (if applicable) are just some of the 30ish factors that will drive your final rate, term and payment.

In addition, closing costs, pre-paids, possible gifts (did your parents give you money for a down payment?), Private Mortgage Insurance, what sellers might be willing to cover, restructuring other debt – well, you get the idea – can all be factors on how the numbers finally shake out such how much you can finance or even your final payment total. Fact is, these factors may result in higher OR lower costs for you, depending on the flexibility and creativity with which your mortgage lender handles them.

That is why working one-on-one with a lender is crucial in exploring your entire financial situation. Understanding the balance – how they can affect each other – of rate-term-payment and what can impact each is important to know as early in the process as possible. Shopping for a mortgage lender should be as rigorous of a process as shopping for your new home. It may just allow you to get into the home of your dreams for less money than you imagined.

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